launch cash points easily and accept payments

send or receive payments on multiple networks with just one account

reduce capital, increase security and earn more revenues

become a certified on-demand cash point


we partner with mobile operators and banks to simplify your payments


how does it work?


add or withdraw funds 

move your funds easily with bank wires or mobile money transfers

process any transaction

offer cash deposits, withdrawals or accept electronic payments


check your activity

view realtime balance and historical transactions from anywhere



the features


shop geolocation

attract traffic to your shop by responding to cash requests from clients

payment card-icon-diool.png

payment interchange

accept mobile money or card payments and collect them at your bank

financial gain-icon-diool.png

faster processing

reduce working capital by aggregating transactions to a single liquidity


Your Security


Identity verification

we use technology to check your identity at registration and after


Account protection

we monitor your access at all time to prevent fraudulent attempts

transaction records

we keep your transaction records for as long a you may need them


they already trust us